No matter how beautiful the qualified wall &  floor coverings are used in the decoration applications,
they won't give an aesthetic view if the finishing details are not solved in the right way.
Moreover if not protected suitably, floor and wall corners under impacts will be scratched, shattered and a bad image will come out.

Decoration profiles are considered as the best assistants to architects and decorators to eliminate all these problems.
Profiles designed to clear up all of the architectural details, give an aesthetic aspect at the junctions and edges of parquet, carpet, vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite and at the transitions with elevation difference.
Asdekor® Profiles are made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and PVC.


  Asdekor® tile trims are manufactured from anodized aluminum, stainless steel and pvc various color finishes.
  They are used at the junctions of tile to tile or tile to non-tile covered surfaces to protect external corners and ensure smooth finish.
  Tile trim profiles shorten the laying time for tiles by simplifying the alignment.
  They can be applied with adhesive tapes, silicone.


  Asdekor® parquet edge profiles are produced in anodized and wood pattern coated aluminum in many different color selection.
  Parquet edge profiles are used to protect the edge of parquet floors against the risk of breakage and deformation as well as to ensure a decorative finish at the end of parquet floors.


  Asdekor® transition profiles are produced in anodized aluminum and stainless steel in various color finishes.
  Transition profiles are used to cover the two different material joints on the floor whether there's a level difference or not.
  Transition profiles can be applied on the floor by an invisible screw,by silicon or double-sided tape.


  Asdekor® movement control joint profiles are produced in aluminum, stainless steel, pvc and brass.
  Movement control profiles absorb the stress caused by buildings structural movements and prevent the cracks at wide floor coverings.
  They are used at the movement joints of floors.
  They give aesthetic aspect.


  Asdekor® stair nosing profiles are produced in aluminum, stainless steel and pvc.
  Stair nosing profiles prevent wearing and slipping at the steps and protect the edges against impacts.
  They can be fixed on the ground with screw and butyl tape.
  These profiles are ideal for the places with heavy pedestrian traffic such as ;  shopping malls, schools, hospitals,  public buildings etc.
  Stair nosing profiles can be used with anti-slip strips or tapes.


  Asdekor® balcony edge profiles are produced in anodized aluminum as well as in any desired RAL color.
  They are used at the edges of balconies & terraces.


  Asdekor® skirting profiles are produced in aluminum, stainless steel and pvc.
  They are used in the wall- floor intersections to protect the wall and paint against crashing of feet and other effects.
  The skirting profiles prevent the accumulation of dirt in the corner, cover the defects at the wall-floor joints.
  Skirting profiles specially function at the junction of 2 different materials.
  Skirting profiles are ideal for cables to be hidden and be distributed without being seen.
  Skirting profiles are impact resistant.


  Asdekor® decorative border profiles are produced in aluminum and stainless steel.
  Border profiles are used for decorative purposes and can be placed horizontal or vertical between the wall tiles.


  Asdekor led lighting profiles are manufactured in two types with different purposes such as decorative aspect or assisting people in the dark spaces.
  They are suitable to use with some of Asteknik's skirtings as well as inside marble borders.
  They provide aesthetic aspect.


  Asdekor internal corner profiles are manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel and pvc.
  Internal corner profiles are used at the junction of the floor and walls where hygiene is required.
  While giving a decorative aspect at the corners,Internal corner profiles prevent the water leakage and dirt accumulation at the corners.


  Asdekor external corner profiles are manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel and pvc.
  They are used at the outer corner of the walls to protect the final coating and to give a decorative aspect.
  Mainly used in hospitals, schools, public buildings etc.

  • Asdekor aluminum profiles are manufactured with extrusion system in accordance with  “ International Aluminum Standards. Those standards are defined as ETIAL 60 in Turkey ,     AA 6063  in USA and DIN AlMgSi0,5  in Germany.
  • In the aluminum alloy manufactured according to those standards , ratio of aluminum is between %97,30 and 98,15.Other chemical additives are added in very low percentages;
- Mg = % 0,45 – 0,90
- Si = % 0,20 – 0,60
- Fe, Cu, Mn, Cr, Ni, Zn, Ti, Ga = her biri % 0,10

  • Mill aluminum profiles can either be anodized at silver,gold,bronze or black colors or can be powder coated at the RAL color inquired.
  • Standard anodizing thickness is 10 – 12 microns. Thicker coating is available upon request.
  • Laminated profiles with different wood designs exist for parquet applications.
  • Asdekor brass profiles are manufactured polished brass.
  • Asdekor stainless steel profiles can be manufactured from 304 or 316 quality steel as per Customer's inquiry.
  • Standard colors for Asdekor PVC profiles are ; white,creme, beige or gray.